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Keep Private Things Private

Art Prints I love this photograph its a simple quiet place for someone to sit and contemplate.

With the advent of the internet, smart phones and satellite surveillance we are losing privacy and personal space. Find personal space and keep it that way, don’t share everything  online. If you want to keep something private keep it off the internet and your cell phone. Everything that is on the internet and on cell phones is recorded by something. Companies are putting dossiers on everyone that are sold to whomever wants it. You have no right to inspect or correct this information.

” Big brother is watching you” George Orwell
It should be restated “Everyone is watching You”
I remember reading the 1984 by George Orwell. I also remember the advent of public video cameras at road  intersections and the public outcry. Now everyone does selfies and shares them with the entire world.

Land line telephones are the only place you have and expectation of privacy. If you use a portable phone that is connected to a land line you have no privacy. Snail mail that goes through the United States Post Office you have an expectation of privacy. Hillary should have stuck to writing letters. My point is people are using their privacy protected services less and the non private internet, email  and cell phones more.

Everything that is stored in a digital database will be stolen, hacked and made public eventually. Whether this information is true or not. The most important thing is to protect minor children from engaging in online activities that will destroy their lives. Protect your privacy and future!

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