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Is it Fair to All Concerned?

Photography Prints Another photography tip : Notice what others don’t.

In a prior post I talked about walking the streets of Charleston South Carolina. On Saturday morning there is a farmers market at King and Calhoun Street. I would stop  for coffee and breakfast. I noticed this fountain with Rotarian sayings. It was obvious that a homeless person had spent some time on this bench under this Rotarian saying ” Is it fair to all concerned? ” I sat for an hour watching to see if the many passerby’s would notice this ironical momentary monument of our society. Of the couple hundred people that passed by, none did.

Many times at my gallery people asked, ” What photos I’m most proud of? ” I show this one and they look at me sorta funny until they understand it. This image is pure irony and says all that needs to be said about homelessness in one nondescript photograph.


The Best Things in Life are not Things

Art Prints I used to participate in an art festival in downtown Charleston South Carolina. It was during the Spoleto Festival and close to Calhoun and King Streets. Every morning at dawn I would drive into downtown Charleston and park my car then grab my cameras and walk the streets.

This gem I found in a vestibule on King Street. I can just imagine someone secreting about with a stencil and a can of spray paint.  Was this a message directed towards a single person or for all of humanity.  I think it was personal,it was in a corner hidden from the unobservant.