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Killing Democracy

Photography Prints Is Democracy only for the connected? Is the Democratic process dying? Are our laws being applied to all fairly? Do people even know what happens at the local level of government? Are corporations overwhelming Washington with lobbyists?Asking ourselves questions is a good place to start. Local government is a good place to start. We need better leaders, nurture good leadership locally and you will have better leadership in Washington.

Apathy by the majority will allow the minority to rule. Pay attention to what’s happening in your local government.

The Best Things in Life are not Things

Art Prints I used to participate in an art festival in downtown Charleston South Carolina. It was during the Spoleto Festival and close to Calhoun and King Streets. Every morning at dawn I would drive into downtown Charleston and park my car then grab my cameras and walk the streets.

This gem I found in a vestibule on King Street. I can just imagine someone secreting about with a stencil and a can of spray paint.  Was this a message directed towards a single person or for all of humanity.  I think it was personal,it was in a corner hidden from the unobservant.